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BristolPoker Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Basic Rules

Omaha Hi/Lo is the shortened version of this poker game’s real name; Omaha Hold’em 8 or better high-low split.

A split pot means playing the highest or/and lowest hands for half the pot. A qualifying low hand must consist of 5 cards below 8 with no pairs. If a player has both the best high and low hand he is said to have “scooped the pot”.
Creating a Hand
Omaha Hi/Lo dictates which cards can be used in a hand. From the pocket cards 2 can and must be used to create a 5 card poker hand with the remaining 3 coming from the community cards. If you are hoping to scoop the pot you can compile two different hands, one high one low, however, each must consist of the required number of cards from each place.
Dealer, Big and Little Blinds
The dealer chip moves to the left after each game. Each game is started by the player to the dealers left providing the Small Blind, and the player to the Small Blind’s left providing the Big Blind.

Steps for playing

1. Each player receives four cards face down.
2. Betting begins with the player to the left of the Big Blind.
3. Three community cards are dealt.
4. A betting round beginning with the player left of the dealer.
5. Another community card is dealt: The Turn.
6. Another betting round; from this points on bets are doubled.
7. The last community card is dealt: the River.
8. The Showdown.

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